You are an expert in your field.
Don’t let IT hold you back.

Your customers trust you to deliver what you offer. You work hard every day to deliever the best services and products that you can. When systems go down, it prevents you from from doing what you do best. And let’s face it, you didn’t go into business to work on computers. We did.  We understand that you are looking for a solution, not a bunch of systems. Which is why we are here to deliver results to your business, not parts and cables.

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Security is becoming more important for all businesses, as the technology environments required to run applications and support productivity continue to get more complicated. Most security breaches aren’t detected for over a month, and losing client data can have serious consequences, from financial penalties to loss of customer trust.

Don’t let your company go through that. Socius Technologies will work to secure your network and systems from top to bottom. We’ll start with a thorough review of the current network, and determine the current risks. Then we develop a plan to resolve those holes in a way that works for your business and employees. We have experience with both HIPAA and PCI, and use industry best practices to achieve compliance.

We offer:
     • Email/Spam Filtering
     • DNS filtering
     • Anti-virus and Anti-Malware
     • Vulnerability Scans
     • Change Detection
     • Firewalls and Network Security
     • Automated Patching
     • System Monitoring
     • VPN’s

Technology and Support

We offer unlimited support for users and systems. Having problems with Outlook again? Covered. Need some help upgrading a line-of-business application? Done. We’re just a phone call or email away when you need us.

Our agreements include BDR, Office 365, Anti-virus, email filtering, DNS filtering, and more by default. Doing so allows us to provide more consistent results, and creates a more secure network with better uptime, which means better results for your company.

Business Productivity

We recognize that information technology systems are there to support your business and your mission. We’re experts at taking business objectives and translating them into technical specifications. By understanding your company’s strengths and weaknesses, we can develop solutions to eliminate pain points, and streamline operations.

We’re not just here to be your technician, we’re here to be a business partner. Our model of unlimited support allows us to align our objectives with yours. We want to reduce interruptions for your business to allow you to operate better, but also because it makes it easier for us to support you.

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